5 of our favourite binge worthy Netflix + Neon series

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1. Ozark - Crime / Drama (Netflix)

This has to be one of our favourite series by far. A well written Crime Drama that will have you on the edge of your seat. Well known actor Jason Bateman plays a family man turned cartel money launderer. With so many twists and turns in each episode you could easily binge watch the whole series over a few rainy days. Its that good !

2. Shameless  - Comedy (Netflix + Neon) 

If you love a good laugh Shameless will have you in hysterics. This show is based around a dysfunctional family that fight and bicker endlessly however when one of them is in serious trouble they seem to be able to rally together like any family would. Definitely worth a watch!

3. The Bold Type - Comedy / Drama (Neon) 

If you love fashion and you love drama then this is a goodie. Three best friends working for a high end fashion magazine trying to navigate work, love and friendships. Who doesn't love a good chick flick!   

4. You - Thriller (Netflix)

If there's memes all over the internet about a show it must be good right ! You is based around a bookstore manager Joe whom is charming yet awkward. He craves love but seems to get it all wrong every time. This is a strange one and may not be for everyone but somehow we got hooked! 
5. When they see us - Based on True Story (Netflix)

Gut wrenching story of 5 young teens charged and sentenced to time in prison for a crime they did not commit. This is a brutal and sad story that will get you welling up. Do not recommend watching alone! 
Let us know in the comments of any series or movies you are loving right now !!

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