Sustainability is the new trend

Once a year we travel to the big smoke to join in the fun that is Fashion Week. We have spent the last few days viewing collections, wining and dining and attending shows.

Something that has been on our minds for awhile now and how we can do our part to help, is the impact of the Fashion Industry on our planet. We decided it was time for us to hit our brands up with the big question... "What plans do they have in place to become more sustainable and eco friendly?" 

It was music to our ears to hear all the small changes our brands already are putting in place and how aware they really are about the seriousness of the future of our planet. 

It isn't going to happen overnight but every small change will create bigger changes. 

This year's Fashion Week had a fresh focus on sustainability all around. Kate Sylvester spoke about the movement towards sustainability, she said.... 

"The women who are always going to look the best are those who are dressing to please themselves, they're wearing clothes they absolutely love,".
"We want to see people buying really beautiful clothes that will last or [buying] vintage..the worst thing for us is to see clothes that will end up in landfill." 

Some simple changes you can make is to...

  • Stop buying from fast fashion labels
  • Buy quality garments that will last
  • Buy vintage and preloved 
  • Sell or rent your clothing out
  • Choose transseasonal items 
  • Get items fixed rather than throwing them out
  • Say no to a bag at the counter 
Some changes we have made is...
  • Eco- friendly compostable courier bags 
  • Brown paper carry bags 
  • Choosing to stock quality products that will last 
  • Having a preloved rack in store 
  • Only taking on new labels that are sustainable
  • Asking our brands to send their product to us in eco packaging
  • Recycle where we can
  • Saying no to collection catalogues and loose paper that just ends up in the rubbish
  • Plant a tree programme 

We hope to do more !!!